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3D A-to-Z

3D A-to-Z: An Encyclopedic Dictionary

The world's first stereoscopic 3D dictionary, with 1,700 entries, 262 illustrations (36 in color), and a foreword by noted 3D historian, Ray Zone. Stereoscopic 3D – made famous in the 1950s by films such as House of Wax and Creature from the Black Lagoon – is back. This time it is here to stay thanks to technological advances and improved use of 3D as an immersive storytelling technique. In addition to 3D theatrical feature films, there are now 3D concerts, sporting events, documentaries, game shows, commercials, and video games. They are delivered via broadcast television and Internet download, on DVD and Blu-ray, and on digital billboards, kiosks, and cell phones (where they can be viewed without special glasses). 3D A-to-Z covers all of this, and more, including still stereo photography, human depth perception, and key historical innovations.

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A/V A to Z

A/V A to Z: An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Media, Entertainment and Other Audiovisual Terms

The largest Hollywords® dictionary ever produced, defining over 10,000 words and phrases covering the full lifecycle of an audiovisual work from content creation (development, production, and post-production) to final delivery (distribution, exhibition, and broadcast) across all content forms and media (motion pictures, television, home entertainment, Internet, and multimedia). 772 pages, 206 illustrations, hardcover.

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Technicolor's Guide to 3D

Technicolor's Guide to 3D for Film, TV, and Everything In-Between

Prepared by Hollywords® and published by Technicolor, a leader in the media & entertainment industry since 1915. Technicolor played an important role in the 3D boom of the 1950s and has led the way in the digital 3D renaissance—preparing the world’s first digital 3D feature film (Disney’s Chicken Little) for theatrical release in 2005 and the world’s first full-resolution Blu-ray 3D feature film (DreamWorks’ Monsters vs Aliens) for home entertainment release in 2010. Technicolor's Guide to 3D is a comprehensive, illustrated dictionary of stereoscopic 3D terms for the motion picture industries, including theatrical release, broadcast, home entertainment, and mobile media.

Anti-Piracy Book Cover

Hollywords® Anti-Piracy Dictionary:
Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in the Audiovisual Industries

Protecting creative works such as motion pictures, television programs, and video games from illegal or unauthorized use helps to ensure that their creators receive proper credit and compensation for their efforts. The terminology and concepts of digital rights management, media piracy, counterfeiting, investigation, prosecution, and countermeasures tend to be obscure and complex. Hollywords®’ Anti-Piracy Dictionary: Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in the Audiovisual Industries sheds light on this highly specialized and remarkably important aspect of the media and entertainment industry.

Exhibition Book Cover

Hollywords® Exhibitor’s Dictionary:
Distribution • Exhibition • Projection

Despite new technological developments and myriad viewing options, theatrical exhibition remains the preeminent venue for the presentation of audiovisual works. Exhibitor’s Dictionary: Distribution • Exhibition • Projection presents the language of theatrical exhibition from acquisition (distribution, legal, and accounting) to presentation (projection and theatrical operations).

Video Game Book Cover

Hollywords® Video Game Dictionary

The line between video and computer games, non-linear entertainment, and traditional audiovisual works such as motion pictures and television programs grows more indistinct every day. At first, movies inspired games. Then games inspired movies. Now games include plots, character development, and visual elements every bit as rich and complex as more traditional dramatic programs. Over the years, the language of the game industry has borrowed freely from computer graphics, animation, visual effects, story development, manufacturing, and distribution while adding unique twists of its own. Hollywords®’ Video Game Dictionary documents all of this in a single reference volume.

B-Movie Poster

1. Since the 1950s: a low-budget, low-quality, quickly made motion picture, such as Night of the Living Dead (1968), most Russ Meyer films, or anything produced by Ed Wood, Jr.
2. obs. During the Studio Era (1927–1954): a low-budget studio production, shot on a tight production schedule, and cast with contract players but rarely big name stars.

[Coined c. 1930]