Hollywords, LLC Privacy Policy

Effective May 1, 2005

Hollywords, LLC respects the privacy of its Web site visitors. Standard server logs containing data on Web site activity are recorded for administrative and technical reasons, but these do not contain any personal data from those who visit the site.

Hollywords, LLC has security measures in place to protect the data under its control from loss, alteration, or misuse. We will not release any personal information we may have about our users or contributors to third parties without explicit consent. Mailing lists are never sold to third parties and users will not receive sales solicitations from Hollywords, LLC, though from time to time we may send out announcements of new products or services.

The Hollywords Web site provides links to other Web sites, but we are not responsible for the privacy policies or content of those sites.

Some of the terms and definitions contained within the Hollywords® dictionaries may be offensive. We apologize for that, but they are an accurate reflection of the language of the industry. Sensitive readers and parents of young children should exercise caution, but no more so than would be necessary when reading an unabridged or slang dictionary of the English language.

If you have any questions about the Hollywords, LLC privacy policies, please contact us via email at info@hollywords.org or by sending a letter to:

Hollywords, LLC
7058 Bianca Ave.
Lake Balboa, CA 91406

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