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“Wow! This is amazing!”
—Pixie Wespiser, Television Producer

“Accomplished, deep, entertaining and funny.”
—Jane Kagon, USC Annenberg School’s Center for the Digital Future

“A major achievement.”
—Dr. Brian McFarlane, Monash University, Victoria, Australia

A/V A-Z: An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Media, Entertainment and Other Audiovisual Terms

The largest Hollywords® dictionary ever produced, defining over 10,000 words and phrases covering the full lifecycle of an audiovisual work from content creation (development, production, and post-production) to final delivery (distribution, exhibition, and broadcast) across all content forms and media (motion pictures, television, home entertainment, Internet, and multimedia).

A/V A to Z covers everything from the everyday to the slightly obscure, from technical to slang. It pays particular attention to terms that even industry professionals may struggle with as they work with people from a variety of trades, crafts, and disciplines. According to Steven Ramirez, motion picture editor, producer, and director, “After 30 years in the entertainment business, I was in a meeting when I heard a term that I wasn’t familiar with and I found my answer in Richard Kroon’s A/V A to Z. In an industry with evolving technology this book should be in every serious filmmaker’s library.” Make it part of yours, today.

As a dictionary, A/V A to Z is unique. Traditional dictionaries are primarily concerned with the general definition of a word. A/V A to Z goes beyond this by discussing the language of the industry. Nearly 2,000 of its entries provide encyclopedic information about the term: its origins, key stages in its development, people associated with it, its impact on the industry, illustrative examples, and so on—making the term relevant, meaningful, and functional. More than 600 storyboards, production stills, posters, equipment photos, technical diagrams, and historical images illustrate key terms.

With its accessibility, depth, and scope, readers will find A/V A to Z to be the most comprehensive, practical, and relevant resource of its kind and an invaluable tool for their daily professional needs.

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